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  • G3 Fusion Sporty Frame Well balanced weight and super soft nose pad ensure ultimate comfort for extended period of usage. Wrap around high base panoramic lens delivers wide, unobstructed view.
  • Polycarbonate Frame Lens with 4A treatment: The strongest lens in the world, treated with  anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-UV and anti-static, meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 requirements
  • Triple Hinge Design (Flip-Up Only): Allow almost 180 degree adjustment, to ensure perfect visual alignment and best ergonomic posture.
  • 14 days no obligation return/exchange policy
  • Limited Life Time Warranty
Surgical loupes are useful as they provide surgeons with a means to reduce eye strain. These medical instruments enlarge the image and in this way make it easy for the surgeon to see very small objects with greater clarity. The nice thing is that they are also portable and they are much easier to use than a conventional surgical microscope.
There are certain good reasons why dentists and dental professionals need to wear dental loupes. Approximately sixty to eighty percent dentists report feeling pain in their backs and neck. This pain is caused because they have to bend their bodies in order to view the mouth of their patients properly.
What are the benefits of dental loupes? Though it is possible to use microscopes to obtain the required magnification, there no doubts the fact that high quality dental loupes are very effective. They help a dental professional in performing a dental procedure with greater precision as well as accuracy.
There no doubts the fact that dentists need dental loupes. A dentist who does not use such a medical instrument runs the risk of curtailing their professional career because of occupational dangers of which strained eyes and pain in the back are good examples. A study showed that by the time a dental professional reaches the age of forty-five eighty-seven percent of them would develop eye strain.
Without a doubt, people who need to perform specialized work will agree that they can only do a good job if they are able to clearly see the details of the task that has to be performed. The trouble with performing surgeries is that it often requires working with small structures which the naked eye cannot see too well. Surgeons who do not make use of medical instruments such as surgical loupes will have to bend over in positions that are unnatural.

Surgeons normally experience a lot of trouble with their backs and necks. In fact, they experience more neck as well as lower back pain than any other profession and about a third of all surgeons have to retire early as a consequence.

Surgical loupes provide much needed assistance to surgeons. They help these medical professionals see better thereby reducing operating times. If these medical instruments are properly fitted they can improve the surgeon’s posture and also reduce pain in their shoulders, necks as well as back muscles.

Dental loupes are magnifying lenses which a doctor or a dentist or even a dental professional wears around the forehead in order to view the mouth of the patient with greater clarity. These devices make it easy for the dentist to accurately diagnose the patient’s condition and they are also used to help the dental professional perform their work with greater precision.
Surgical loupes are medical instruments that have magnifying lenses which allow a surgeon to see with greater clarity. This is very important for those medical professionals who need to work on small structures which are not normally visible to the naked eye. Thanks to these medical instruments, it is possible for the medical professional to work with greater precision and correctness.
Here is why you should choose your dental loupes carefully. Before you actually purchase such medical instruments you must carefully consider several issues – each of which will help determine how best to use these instruments. It also pays to keep in mind that bigger does not have to be the sole criterion and that bigger is also not always the best option.